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SexJapanTV sjt 25000-3-def-1 BUTTS WITH A BANG!

SexJapanTV sjt_25000-3-def-1 BUTTS WITH A BANG!
sjt 25000 3 def 1 - SexJapanTV sjt 25000-3-def-1 BUTTS WITH A BANG!
When a gorgeous Asian gal lifts her skirt and you get a perfect view of her round pretty rump, you’d love to go in and bury your face in that sweet, smooth crack. But watch out! These lethal lovelies are packing a booty full of hot juicy toots. Get close at your own risk. Our first pretty air horn is a black-clad coed who flashes a happy smile as she gets on her knees and perks up her butt. Keeping her satiny panties on she lets out a rip then bursts out laughing. It’s so much fun that she turns around again and rips one even louder and ruder, right out of her beautiful bare ass.
Next up, a pretty Japanese flower with perfect curves and pink panties. When she strips down to aim her bare booty she lets it swell till it’s ready to explode with a gassy vengeance. Then she poses on the soda with one leg lifted up and her furry crack right out in the open. Her butt blasts a hot stinky one with the sound of a booty bugle. Then a sweatered lovely shyly blasts a gust of foul wind in our direction, with a little giggle. If you get a date with a beauty like this, be careful not to squeeze too hard or you’ll get caught in a blast of butthole breeze.
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Resolution: 1280×720
Duration: 00:13:14

SexJapanTV sjt 25000-2-def-1 WHEN BOOTIES GO BALLISTIC

SexJapanTV sjt_25000-2-def-1 WHEN BOOTIES GO BALLISTIC
sjt 25000 2 def 1 - SexJapanTV sjt 25000-2-def-1 WHEN BOOTIES GO BALLISTIC
Here’s another sweet and kinky cavalcade of trumpeting sphincters, courtesy of Japan’s loveliest booty tooters. When our first gassy young thing rips off a loud angry fart you don’t know whether to get a closer look or head for the hills! But they’re so sweet and pretty, and it’s just a puckered hole doing what comes naturally!!
The second in our symphony of sonic boomers grabs her tummy like something’s stopped up inside there. Her relief comes when she bends over with her ass in our face. She fires off a loud juicy rip with one leg lifted. Waving away the powerful fragrance, she leans in and pulls off her panties so we see the smooth, perfect asshole puff up and swell before her volcanic eruption of pungent lady fart comes out with a bang.
File Size: 486 Mb
Resolution: 1280×720
Duration: 00:11:49

SexJapanTV sjt 25000-1-def-1 TOOTERS

SexJapanTV sjt_25000-1-def-1 TOOTERS
sjt 25000 1 def 1 - SexJapanTV sjt 25000-1-def-1 TOOTERS
Watch out when a lovely Japanese lady grabs her midsection and aims her rump towards you. She could be getting ready to fire off a toot. These beauties show us their smooth pretty asses and yank down their thongs so we see every delectable feature of their undercarriage. Crack open, booty puckered and legs spread wide apart. With a smile they expel a puff of gaseous gastric relief right at us. It’s so closeup and sharply focused you can almost smell the pungent perfume. The pucker swells and pops open and a hearty toot rips through the air.
This almost rude behavior would be a little offensive if the pretty Asian women weren’t so darned sweet about the whole thing. They giggle and offer up a shy smile when they share this private activity. The second young lady in our compilation is even careful to show off the inside of her panties-squeaky clean and no skid marks. But the sharp scent lingers and she brushes it away with a wave of her hand. Who knows if they’re exaggerating? Let’s hope that tooting sound is greater than its fury.
File Size: 467 Mb
Resolution: 1280×720
Duration: 00:11:22


sjt 24517 7 def 1 - SexJapanTV sjt 24517-7-def-1 SEDUCTIVE SNATCH SCRATCHER
Our next showtime is with a sultry long-haired co-ed in a sweatshirt that proclaims she’s “SEDUCTIVE”. Let me tell you, she seems to be doing just fine, seducing her snatch with a couple of curious fingers! Our voyeur camera is cleverly placed just under the toilet seat as she sits and pulls down her sexy black panties.
File Size: 684 Mb
Resolution: 1280×720
Duration: 00:10:20


sjt 24517 6 def 1 - SexJapanTV sjt 24517-6-def-1 SWEATER GIRL TICKLES HER TINGLE
A chic Japanese babe in a bob haircut plops down on the toilet seat, unaware we are watching and recording every hot moment and move. Once she pulls down her black tights, her cute lace trimmed panties contain a hungry little hole begging for some manual stimulation. She thinks it’s all private and no one will ever know, so she digs into those undies with a determined finger.
This hot sex-starved female gets her libido going at double speed. She squirms and shimmies around on the toilet, and our second spy camera gives an up-seat view from under the rim. We can watch perfectly close and in perfect detail the lengths a babe will go to to get her clit to chill. Her head rocks and shakes while her hand gives her the fiery orgasm she can’t live without. Once her poon is dripping and twitching, she’s had it and leans back in satisfied exhaustion. What a show, guys!
File Size: 841 Mb
Resolution: 1280×720
Duration: 00:12:42

SexJapanTV sjt 24517-5-def-1 A GOOEY RUB

SexJapanTV sjt_24517-5-def-1 A GOOEY RUB
sjt 24517 5 def 1 - SexJapanTV sjt 24517-5-def-1 A GOOEY RUB
A sullen Tokyo college girl in argyle print skirt perks up and her mood brightens once the door close behind her in the private bathroom stall. Her smooth lean thighs come apart wide enough for her hand to reach back and start relieving all the tension of the day. She feels so good, so free that she casually pulls up her top with the other hand to twiddle her nips while she diddles her clit.
A powerful gust of breath puffs out of her as she reaches the magic button and presses. From our secret camera setup under the seat of the commode, we see the gyrations of her slit as she gets her nipples thick and erect. It feels so indescribably hot she has to cover her mouth to keep from screaming. Her fingers begin sloshing around inside her lady parts, and the creamy feminine juices well up. Her open pussy is dripping with sticky white froth but that doesn’t slow down her fun for a moment. She groans and her athletic thighs tighten with the sensation. She’s cumming, and all that’s left is to wad up a dozen sheets of tissue to blot up the traces of her naughty toilet break. her titties are put away, skirt neatly pressed back down and her sweater buttoned. Shes ready to face the world.
File Size: 622 Mb
Resolution: 1280×720
Duration: 00:09:24

SexJapanTV sjt 24517-4-def-1 SEX-DRIVEN SWEETHEART

SexJapanTV sjt_24517-4-def-1 SEX-DRIVEN SWEETHEART
sjt 24517 4 def 1 - SexJapanTV sjt 24517-4-def-1 SEX-DRIVEN SWEETHEART
A sporty Tokyo lass steps out of the workaday routine and into the toilet to play finger hockey with her hungry snatch. Her full lush lower lips open like a magic portal for her hand to make that powerful connection to her deepest private parts. Her knit panties aren’t the most feminine and alluring, but what she lacks in fashion sense, this babe certainly makes up for in gusto!
Two fingers play peekaboo into the crotch of her fuzzy panties, and our hot honey is spasming and shaking with uncontrolled delight. Her face frozen in a orgasmic grimace, she stands up to pull open those big thick lips and run her fingers along that heavenly trail from vagina to clit. Her breath is halting and she grabs the wall to steady herself. The tight knot of her pucker throbs with excitement and her soft thighs jiggle with each thrust of her hand. We see all of this in laser-sharp closeup from a sneaky camera placed just below the toilet’s rim. She gives her fingers a lick, to taste the honeyed juices or give a little more glide. In any case, it’s just what she needed and she sinks into a satisfied relaxation. If she knew the view all of us have enjoyed, maybe she would not be so relaxed-haha!
File Size: 692 Mb
Resolution: 1280×720
Duration: 00:10:28

SexJapanTV sjt 24517-3-def-1 HIP HONEY, HOT FINGER

SexJapanTV sjt_24517-3-def-1 HIP HONEY, HOT FINGER
sjt 24517 3 def 1 - SexJapanTV sjt 24517-3-def-1 HIP HONEY, HOT FINGER
A long-haired Asian beauty is stressed out from her workday, and stops into a nearby restroom to get her rest by way of a curious finger up her coochie. When she leans back to reach into her private poon, our camera is just our of sight, peering up at her gorgeous pussy from under the toilet seat. She’s a rubber, loves to run all her fingers back and forth, forward and back over the hard little nubbin of her clit.
Proper even in her private stall, she hesitates at first to go deep. She keeps her hand pressed firmly against her crotch but on the outside of her soft silky panties. Finally, propriety be damned! She pulls down her undies and pops a middle finger deep into her love tunnel. From our perfect vantage, we can see the thrill running up to her twitching anus as she clenches her firm round cheeks together. She’s an expert in self-love and this Japanese co-ed is definitely one to watch!
File Size: 740 Mb
Resolution: 1280×720
Duration: 00:11:11

SexJapanTV sjt 24517-2-def-1 BABE IN BLUE SATIN PANTIES

SexJapanTV sjt_24517-2-def-1 BABE IN BLUE SATIN PANTIES
sjt 24517 2 def 1 - SexJapanTV sjt 24517-2-def-1 BABE IN BLUE SATIN PANTIES
A pretty Japanese miss sits on our specially -rigged voyeur toilet and plunges a hand into her lovely sky-blue satin underwear. In a split screen we get the double pleasure of watching her face contort with pleasure and lust, AND utilizing the special camera’s viewpoint from inside the toilet bowl aimed straight up at our honey’s ass and pussy crack.
The firm brown knot of an ass pucker is joined by the motion of a plunging middle finger popped into her sweet sticky slit. She’s intent in digging deep into the juicy crack and wiggling that finger around to get the deep satisfaction she craves. It’s a vision not intended for a man to see, but through the wonders of technology, we can revel in an Asian beauty’s most intimate forbidden moments of erotic delight. Once her body quakes with orgasm, she stands to wipe up and go on about her day-no wiser that so many voyeurs have shared such a hot episode of pure pleasure.
File Size: 783 Mb
Resolution: 1280×720
Duration: 00:11:50

SexJapanTV sjt 24517-1-def-1 UPSEAT FINGER BABE

SexJapanTV sjt_24517-1-def-1 UPSEAT FINGER BABE
sjt 24517 1 def 1 - SexJapanTV sjt 24517-1-def-1 UPSEAT FINGER BABE
Here’s a sexy view none of us get to see often. When a sexy Japanese lovely sits in this bathroom stall, she doesn’t know her private HOT behavior is captured second by second on our voyeur camera shooting straight up from below the toilet seat. This beautiful college girl gets her satisfaction with a deeply thrust finger into her twitching twat, and the closeup we get for you is just unbelievable. So close you can almost taste that juicy slit.
Best of all is how driven our horny beauty is. When one finger makes her smooth Asian pussy feel good, what’s better? Two, three, maybe four fingers in that honey-dripping hole? And her pretty puckered ass throbs and swells with each thrust. We couldn’t believe the hot footage and had to stop to catch our breath. See if you can withstand the overwhelming stiffy this clip’s gonna give you. Don’t look at it anywhere you’re gonna have to explain away that big stiff rise in your pants. When her wet fingers are dripping and she slumps into the seat exhausted, you will be too!
File Size: 1.01 Gb
Resolution: 1280×720
Duration: 00:15:38