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SexJapanTV sjt 24517-1-def-1 UPSEAT FINGER BABE

SexJapanTV sjt_24517-1-def-1 UPSEAT FINGER BABE
sjt 24517 1 def 1 - SexJapanTV sjt 24517-1-def-1 UPSEAT FINGER BABE
Here’s a sexy view none of us get to see often. When a sexy Japanese lovely sits in this bathroom stall, she doesn’t know her private HOT behavior is captured second by second on our voyeur camera shooting straight up from below the toilet seat. This beautiful college girl gets her satisfaction with a deeply thrust finger into her twitching twat, and the closeup we get for you is just unbelievable. So close you can almost taste that juicy slit.
Best of all is how driven our horny beauty is. When one finger makes her smooth Asian pussy feel good, what’s better? Two, three, maybe four fingers in that honey-dripping hole? And her pretty puckered ass throbs and swells with each thrust. We couldn’t believe the hot footage and had to stop to catch our breath. See if you can withstand the overwhelming stiffy this clip’s gonna give you. Don’t look at it anywhere you’re gonna have to explain away that big stiff rise in your pants. When her wet fingers are dripping and she slumps into the seat exhausted, you will be too!
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Duration: 00:15:38

SexJapanTV sjt26344 8-def-1 SWEET STICKY FINGER FUCK

SexJapanTV sjt26344_8-def-1 SWEET STICKY FINGER FUCK
sjt26344 8 def 1 - SexJapanTV sjt26344 8-def-1 SWEET STICKY FINGER FUCK
A sweet Asian beauty smiles and raises her fingers into a peace symbol. But her naughty ideas are not so peaceful while she splays across the floor with her legs wide open. Off comes the dark vest and she unbuttons the neat pink blouse. Her rosy bra drops off her perky tits and she reaches a hand into her panties. Her poon is furry and moist, and she traces little circles around the sensitive clit.
Drilling a juicy finger deep inside she moans with delight. On hands and knees she aims her pussy and tight little ass straight into the camera. Lying back and propped on one elbow she uses her fingers deftly. A liquidy thwack shows how fast and hard she’s smacking into her horny crotch. Her legs spasm with orgasm and she gasps for breath.
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Duration: 00:14:40

SexJapanTV sjt26344 7-def-1 TOY TIME ON THE TOILET

SexJapanTV sjt26344_7-def-1 TOY TIME ON THE TOILET
sjt26344 7 def 1 - SexJapanTV sjt26344 7-def-1 TOY TIME ON THE TOILET
A lovely lass slaps a dildo up against the restroom wall, flicking and blabbering to it like an old friend. She spins the shaft and finally takes a mouthful of the rosy head. Popping its suction cup free from the shiny tile, she presses it against her sticky crotch. She puts it back on the wall and backs into it, working its length up into her horny pussy.
Our Asian beauty braces her arm against one wall while her butt grinds into the dildo on the other. Her hand opens her crack as she rides deeper and deeper on the jiggly toy. She stands it on the toilet lid and straddles the seat. crouching down she takes the dildo all the way in and starts bobbing up and down on it. She’s heating things up and peels out of her blouse. Hair falling into her face and a titty in her hand she starts exploding in orgasm. Panting to catch a breath she stands and pulls the naughty toy out of her juicy snatch.
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Duration: 00:18:43

SexJapanTV sjt26344 6-def-1 SMART SEXY SECRETARY

SexJapanTV sjt26344_6-def-1 SMART SEXY SECRETARY
sjt26344 6 def 1 - SexJapanTV sjt26344 6-def-1 SMART SEXY SECRETARY
A bespectacled office clerk inspects herself in the ladies room mirror. Pen in hand, she gets the smart idea to hike her skirt and rub the barrel of that pen into the crack of her horny little pussy. Blouse half-open and panties showing, she’s not the prim and proper type she looks to the workday world.
Our pretty Japanese woman drops to the floor with her undies tossed aside. Her fingers pet the furry slit and she lets out a volley of soft moans. As she gets close her knees draw up. She stands hunched over the sink ledge and reaches between her legs to pat her juicy snatch. A wave of pleasure knocks her flat against the sink and she clenches her knees together in a spasm of lust.
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Duration: 00:10:02

SexJapanTV sjt 26348-8-def-1 FRIGGING WITH THE FLOW

SexJapanTV sjt_26348-8-def-1 FRIGGING WITH THE FLOW
sjt 26348 8 def 1 - SexJapanTV sjt 26348-8-def-1 FRIGGING WITH THE FLOW
A striking lass in a Union Jack t-shirt strips to bra and panties, then steps out to free her horny pussy and perky little tits. Our lovely Asian turns on the shower and presses the head into her shaved snatch. Eyes closed she revels in the hot water stream pulsing her poon. Without even toweling off, she continues her private masturbation.
Slipping a finger into her gooey slit she groans with delight. As the camera zooms in closer we see a hairy patch behind her pussy as she fingers her box. Next we see her in a simple slip, getting on all fours to dig her fingers in deep. Smacking and rubbing her clit, she cries out in the depths of pleasure. An extreme closeup gives us a chance to watch her talented fingers at work, rubbing her snatch to a juicy climax. Her mouth drops open as she reaches a furious orgasm.
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Duration: 00:15:08

SexJapanTV sjt 26348-7-def-1 THE SENSUOUS SCHOOLGIRL

SexJapanTV sjt_26348-7-def-1 THE SENSUOUS SCHOOLGIRL
sjt 26348 7 def 1 - SexJapanTV sjt 26348-7-def-1 THE SENSUOUS SCHOOLGIRL
A sexy Japanese miss in schoolgirl pigtails sits studying at a low desk. Taking a break, her big dark eyes open wide when she reaches for her titties and hot juicy slit. Her finger flicks across perky little nipples and her body jiggles with desire. Her pussy is shaved smooth, her hand finds just the right spot to keep her quaking. She pops a finger into her rosy little bow of a mouth then reaches back down to her crotch.
Our Asian hottie leans back against a pink chair and parts her smooth fleshy lips. Her hand bobs around against the hungry snatch, and she can’t hold back. Her torso rocks forward and legs squeeze tight around her hand when she hits the juicy peak of pleasure.
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Duration: 00:09:13

SexJapanTV sjt 26348-6-def-1 LUSTY IN LAVENDER

SexJapanTV sjt_26348-6-def-1 LUSTY IN LAVENDER
sjt 26348 6 def 1 - SexJapanTV sjt 26348-6-def-1 LUSTY IN LAVENDER
Lying on a pretty lilac-colored comforter, our beautiful Japanese businesswoman wakes to drive a hand into her lavender panties. She pulls one leg out and lets the undies dangle from the other as she parts the wet lips and slides the middle finger into the juicy slit. Her smooth shaved pussy crack drips with honeyed ladyjuice and her hand rubs harder.
The creamy white blouse slides up to her titties, leaves her swathed in silky fabric on top and naked and unashamed below. She mews and cries out with uncontrolled lust as her excitement heats up and reaches its climax. Exhausted, her twitching thighs relax and she drifts into a well-deserved nap.
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Duration: 00:08:03

SexJapanTV sjt 26348-5-def-1 BABE BEHIND BARS

SexJapanTV sjt_26348-5-def-1 BABE BEHIND BARS
sjt 26348 5 def 1 - SexJapanTV sjt 26348-5-def-1 BABE BEHIND BARS
Behind the black steel security bars of a high-rise balcony, we spot a shy sweet Asian office girl and her vibrator. Sliding her lace panties down one leg, she opens her legs to play with the hot wet snatch in between. She parts the lips to slip a finger inside as she buzzes her clit with the vibrating toy.
Our Japanese lovely lets her eyes slowly close to savor the sensation as she drills her finger in deeper. She moans loudly and takes a moment to catch her breath.When the vibe hits her magic button her knees fly up involuntarily. Her body twitches and spasms as she goes over the edge into a bootyshaking climax.
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Duration: 00:08:06

SexJapanTV sjt 16444-9-def-1 CUM ON THE COSTUME

SexJapanTV sjt_16444-9-def-1 CUM ON THE COSTUME
sjt 16444 9 def 1 - SexJapanTV sjt 16444-9-def-1 CUM ON THE COSTUME
A beautifully feminine Japanese beauty pulls off her slinky leopard blouse and black stocking to change to the skirt and wrapped karate jacket for the day’s modeling shoot. She smiles gracefully and poses for some silly pictures as the lighting man adjusts the flash. She dutifully performs some slashing movements for the photographer then steps into a park to sweep a gated platform. Back in the changing room she shyly takes hold of the photographer’s hard cock and pulls it from the fly of his jeans.
Pulling down her jacket to expose her perfect little titties, she goes to work sucking his straining prick. He tugs her pink nipples and can’t hold back, spraying a puddle of creamy cum onto her costume. She smiles and strikes a pose with sperm dripping from her booby.
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Resolution: 1280×720
Duration: 00:14:09

VoyeurJapanTV vjt 16764-9-def-1 SEXY OFFICE GIRL’S HAPPY HOUR FUN

VoyeurJapanTV vjt_16764-9-def-1 SEXY OFFICE GIRL’S HAPPY HOUR FUN
vjt 16764 9 def 1 - VoyeurJapanTV vjt 16764-9-def-1 SEXY OFFICE GIRL'S HAPPY HOUR FUN
VoyeurJapanTV vjt_16764-9-def-1 SEXY OFFICE GIRL’S HAPPY HOUR FUN